Conservation needs to professionalize to demonstrate effectiveness in its ability to deliver, and to address the ever-increasing shortfall in funds required to tackle the greatest conservation problems.

Conservation Alpha offer the following key services:


Conservation, as an industry, has struggled consistently to raise the necessary funds to address its major challenges. Innovative financing represents an opportunity to close the funding gap, once suitable financial products are developed. However, conservation-focused funds and investors require oversight for their investment from people that understand conservation.

We provide the service that a traditional fund manager would, in terms of investment oversight, but focused on the technical conservation activities that the investment is used for. Our conservation experience and focus on achieving outcomes maximises the chance that investments achieve their targets, and where applicable, investors receive their returns.



As new funding models develop for the conservation sector, and as funders desire greater accountability and delivery, conservation management agencies need to align their management and reporting systems to account for the costs of business. Conservation Alpha provides conservation management consultancy services to develop such capabilities within the organization.

We can assist our partners to develop outcomes-based approaches to conservation, enabling accurate and precise reporting of achieved impact and cost effectiveness. We specialize in the setup of frameworks, design of monitoring and evaluation platforms and development of statistical techniques and monitoring infrastructure to demonstrate conservation outcomes.

Conservation Alpha, through the use of experienced expert conservationists, provides custom solutions to conservation problems. Through our exposure across a wide network of conservation organizations and players, we understand best practice solutions and assist conservation partners to increase performance through an outcomes-based approach to conservation.



Conservation Alpha has experience developing financial products from inception to investment. We understand investor needs and can provide practical solutions for ensuring a fund design is focused, cost-efficient, logical and auditable. Our experience includes supporting selection of suitable areas for investment, due diligence, strategy and budget development, cost rationalisation, and design of monitoring systems for measuring impact in an auditable manner.

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The conservation industry needs to be held accountable to the investors, donors and funding agencies that support them. Conservation Alpha provides the technical expertise to develop outcomes-based frameworks and the ongoing provision of independent auditing services of reported impact.

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We have experience conducting conservation-focused due diligence assessments on management agencies on behalf of investors and funders. Such assessments identify and mitigate against investment risks and help maximise investments to achieve the desired impact.

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As technology advances, there is an opportunity for increased and more efficient data collection. Conservation Alpha can advise on design, data collation and analysis, a complex topic requiring diverse expertise including hardware, software, analytical and field-based technical skills. Through our network of partners and years of in-house experience we can provide bespoke solutions to the conservation field.

We have experience of designing systems to handle sensitive data, and that will allow clear data audit trails from data collection and collation, through to verification and reporting of impact.

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We provide a full range of ecological solutions for our partners, from the design, implementation and analysis of initial research projects, through to the development and implementation of entire monitoring programs.

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Conservation Alpha can provide various management consulting roles to support agencies and organisations from strategy planning and development to meeting facilitation, from mentoring of management staff to designing management systems for improving efficiency of operations.

We offer services evaluating project success having been both implementers and evaluators of conservation projects, including those financed by large-scale multi-lateral funding. Our attention to detail and practical experience allows us to provide objective evaluations. We also have significant experience conducting due diligence evaluations of management agencies, analyzing risks and competencies, and highlighting how cost savings can be achieved, to enable funders to show that they have undertaken financial due diligence.

Conservation Alpha works with partners to adopt private-sector business principles, increase cost efficiencies, and focus on conservation outcomes, driving evolution towards a results-based industry.
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